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Kohola Dreamtime (Journey with the Whales)

A powerful shamanic journey written to the actual songs of the humpback whale created with the intent to take the listener into a deeply relaxed altered state  where they can be immersed in a sound bath of unconditional love and awakened dreaming.

01 - Kohola Dreamtime, Pt. I  09:43

02 - Kohola Dreamtime, Pt. II 50:34

Total length 59:59

© 2012 John Dumas

Aloha Nui Loa.

The whales were calling me to mystical island of Kauai for years. I would travel to Kauai in the winter during the same time when the whales arrive to give birth. I would often see them breaching close off shore and was deeply inspired by their presence. They would appear in my dreams every night to deliver a message of the most powerful unconditional love I have ever felt. After many years of dreaming about moving to Kauai, I finally made it here and now Kauai is dreaming me. This CD is my giving birth to that dream.

Ever since I heard the kohola (humpback whale) sing, their songs have taken me to very deep shamanic states of dreamtime. After listening to many whale songs, I noticed how musical their composition was. My intent was to create a shamanic journey that I would compose to an actual humpback whale song that would take the listener into a deeply relaxed healing state where they could be immersed in a sound bath of unconditional love and awakened dreaming.

I would like to send a big mahalo to everyone who has made this dream come true. First and foremost to the kohola themselves, for being the messengers of love and inspiring me in so many profound ways. Next, to this magical garden isle of Kauai for all her love, lessons and support. Arigato gozaimasu bruddah S.U.R.F. for the invitation! Merci beaucoup angel Brigitte for you and Insens for making this possible. My wife and all the ohana (family) for your love and support and joy you bring me ever day.


Mahalo Nui Loa :)