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One Heart (Live in Sedona)

ONE HEART Live in Sedona brings forth and awakens the forgotten spirit in our souls. The dreamy yet native sounding tracks restores to life the latent power in our hearts. From high energy tribal tunes to meditative shamanic tracks, One Heart takes you from the outer world to the inner ones with ease and power. John Dumas (didgeridoo, flute guitar, and percussion) Jesse Kalu (bamboo flute) and ThunderBeat (percussion) make magic on the red rocks of Sedona.

01 - Heartbeat 05:22

02 - Ancient Echoes 05:51

03 - Four Winds 04:50

04 - Serpent & Dove 03:34

05 - Walking in Spirit 04:25

06 - Healing Staff 04:02

07 - Crystal Vision 06:23

08 - Roads Traveled 03:33

09 - Rolling Thunder 3:18

10 - One Heart 13:17

Total length 54:34

© 2000 John Dumas

aho mitakuye oyasin


Back in 1995 I was on a soul searching journey across
the country. I had heard about the magical red rocks of
Sedona Arizona as a power spot and decided to go find out why
this land was calling me so strongly. Upon arriving I went
for a hike in Boynton Canyon. I started to hear the mystical
tones of the Native American flute and began to follow it’s call.
It led me to an ancient ruin where I was destined to meet
my flute mentor Jesse Kalu.

There was something so familiar about Sedona, I knew it was
to be my home. I ended up trusting the synchronicity and
moved there a year later. Sedona opened up a musical vortex
that was some how already inside. I began to feel music in a new
way that blended earth, sky and spirit. I started to make my
own flutes and didgeridoos, and found a passion in drumming.

ThunderBeat showed up on the scene and joined in the alchemy
and One Heart was birthed as a Sedona world music group mixing
Native flute with Australian didgeridoo and African and Middle Eastern

This CD is a snapshot of a moment in time captured by
sound engineer Tim Jessup and is a live recording of one of
our shows. Thank you to all of you who made this possible
With special thanks to Thunder, Tim, and Jesse.